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Models and Measurements

22 November 2015

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Models and Measurements


Taking the time to accurately determine ALL of your measurements is vital in the modeling industry.

Basic measurements are written as a series of 3 numbers, separated by hyphens: Bust-Waist-Hips, IN THAT ORDER.
“34-24-35” indicates Bust is a 34, Waist is a 24, and Hips are a 35.



Start with a soft, flexible measuring tape- the kind you would use for a sewing project, NOT the sturdy kind that your dad would use for a house project.
It is preferable (and easier) to have somebody else take your measurements, but not a requirement.

- BUST: Place the measuring tape under your armpits; arms should rest at your sides. Next, measure around the shoulder blades and the fullest part of your breast. The number showing is your “bust measurement.”

- WAIST: Locate the slimmest part of your natural waistline, and measure. The number showing is your “waist measurement.”

- HIPS: DO NOT measure your hip bone. Instead, locate the fullest part of your butt and measure around this. This measurement will serve as your “hip measurement.”



In addition to determining your measurements, it is equally important to RECORD your measurements as you go along. You are of no help to any client if you tell them, “I took my measurements once… but I don’t remember what they were.”

UPDATE your measurements every 6 months at a minimum- although every 3 months is ideal. Clients need accurate stats from any potential model.  Don't waste their time.  It will only benefit you in the long run.

DO NOT LIE about your measurements. There is no benefit whatsoever in giving “embellished” , "falsified" measurements in the first place; on top of which, you will get caught. Garments need to fit properly to look good on a model. AS A MODEL YOU REPRESENT THE PRODUCT.  PHOTOS ARE TAKEN FOR THE PRODUCT TO LOOK GOOD.

So, please FILL IN YOUR MEASUREMENTS accurately in the blank fields. They really are there for a reason- and yes, they really will remain blank unless you fill them out. The “stats section” appears on your public profile at all times; filled out or empty, like it or not- it will always be displayed to the world on your portfolio, comp cards, social profiles... That's what it means to be a model.

Be as thorough as possible when it comes to your online profiles- this is a direct reflection upon you, and it is the message you are choosing to send to the world.
Many models ignore this simple step; thus many models GET ignored (for wonderful opportunities) as a direct result. Don’t let this happen to you!



CUP SIZE/BRA SIZE: Unless specifically asked to include Cup size in your Bust-Waist-Hip measurement, it should be left out; it generally serves as its own separate ‘measurement’.

To determine your cup size, wear a comfortable bra and follow these steps:
1) Measure around your rib cage, just below your breasts. If the number is less than 33”, add “5” to your number, then record this figure. If your number is more than 33”, you will need to add “3” to your number. Record this figure. (This is your band size)
2) Measure around the fullest part of your breasts. Record this number. (This is your cup size)
3) Subtract the number from “Step 2 (Cup Size)” by the number you recorded from “Step 1 (Band Size)”. Now, record this new number.
4) Finally, you can determine your bra size by using the following chart:
If the number you determined during step 3 is:
Less than 1/2″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “AA”.
1″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “A”.
2″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “B”.
3″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “C”.
4″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “D”.
5″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “DD” or “E”.
6″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “DDD” or “F”.

Catching Waves - McGlory Magazine features Chamorrita Swimwear

Double Feature - by Joan Awa

McGlory Magazine features Chamorrita Swimwear in its October 2015 Issue. Chamorrita Swimwear interviews MFM Magazine Editor-in-Chief Alarick McGlory



It’s  fanuchånan, “time of rain” in the islands when we expect frequent showers and the occasional drizzle. But this doesn’t stop us from heading to the beach when a bit of sun breaks through the clouds.  Actually, we look forward to the rarity of clear skies during the wet season on Guam; the sun shimmering in the waters is gof bonita.  But the sun isn’t the only one breaking through - this month, we surfaced through another internationally known fashion publication, McGlory Fashion Magazine. And, what better way to celebrate our spot in the mag by featuring the multi-talented editor-in-chief himself, Alarick McGlory who gave us an opportunity to collaborate with him.

Chamorrita Swimwear virtually sat with Alarick, a man of many talents from styling, fashion designing, consulting and now editing; as we flooded him with questions of his work. With a global vision, Alarick’s publication MFM presents an array of features for a diverse audience. Like the uncontrollable wet season on Guam, the recognition from publications like Alarick’s keeps pouring in and Chamorrita Swimwear is just catching the rain when it falls.  

CS: How and why did you choose to collaborate with Chamorrita Swimwear? Also, how did you find out about the brand and decide to approach Sandrine with the idea of using her pieces?

AM: I came to know about your company through Azhar Harris, Editor-in-Chief at Fashion Couture Magazine. He was the one who found your swimwear-line which he found everything about it to be amazing! He sent pictures to me via email and I loved them! We both decided to collaborate with Chamorrita Swimwear.

CS: You mentioned that you were able to work with two established models in the business, Megan Haley who is a Guess campaign model and Miranda Ault; how was it working/styling with the two and were they excited to be modeling pieces from a swimwear brand in Guam? In your opinion what makes a great model and why would it be better to work with models who are with an agency versus those who are not in one?

AM: Yes, I had the pleasure of working with the two models, Megan Haley and Miranda Ault, whom I styled using pieces from the Chamorrita Swimwear line.

Megan loved your Swimwear when we were at the photo-shoot. She specifically asked me about the brand because it fit so well. I told her it was an International Swimwear company from Guam, called Chamorrita Swimwear. She actually liked it so much that she told me she would love to collaborate with me again, using your Swimwear.

CS: That sounds amazing!

I also got to work with Miranda, along with Fashion photographer, JB Jakubek. During the shoot, she got to try on the black 2-piece bikini set which she absolutely loved.

Both the models were wonderful to work with and they will definitely be published in McGlory Fashion Magazine.

In my opinion, someone who has the drive and determination to figure out what direction they want to take their career in, makes a great model. A great model also works out, eats healthy, has a positive attitude and takes his/her career very seriously. They show up on time, all groomed up with clean and fresh fingernails and clean hair. They are humble, hard working and nice to work with.

I, actually, don’t think that it would always be better to work with a model belonging to an agency rather than someone who is not. I believe you can find talent anywhere. It does not depend on whether you are with an agency, or not. If you possess the right characteristics, you can grow into anything you want to be and steer your career in the right direction.

CS: Tell us a little bit about yourself: where are you from, how did you start your career and is this something you have always wanted to do?

AM: I was born in Beverly Hills, California, USA and I always wanted to be a designer for evening-wear and ready-to-wear collections.

I attended The Art Institute of Orange County, California for Fashion Design and that is where I met Paul Kane, who was also going to school, to become a fashion photographer. We met in 2012 and we formed a team and I became the Head stylist of his company named Paul Kane Photography and that is where it all started.

I have always been very creative and artistic. I love inspiring and motivating others to achieve their goals because I believe there is nothing you can't achieve if you work hard enough for it. I love what I do. I enjoy working with teams and meeting new and interesting people. I like the fact that in the Fashion world, you get to meet a ton of people each day - people with so many different traits and personalities and that you have the opportunity to collaborate with such talented individuals! There is always something new to learn and I find that quite interesting.

CS: Let's get to know more about your career - you started off as a Stylist and Fashion Consultant; what companies/agencies/designers/publications have you worked with before working with FCM and eventually creating your own publication, McGlory Fashion Magazine?  What prompted you to start your own magazine?

AM: Yes, I did start off as the Head-Stylist at Paul Kane Photography as well as for JB Jakubek Photography. In due course of time, I got the opportunity to work as the Head Stylist at Nayeli Arts, where the top runway models on the West-side are trained. From there, I ended up being the Head Stylist of Fashion Couture Magazine. It has been 3 years since when I was in college in 2012, to 2015, when I am about to launch my new magazine, called McGlory Fashion Magazine.

I wanted to come up with MFM while working with Azhar Harris, Editor-in-Chief, FCM. He is a great mentor. He influenced me to create something of my own. I also had a lot of positive and influential people around me who helped me take this step forward and make one of my dreams come true. I believe that nothing happens overnight and I think, in some way or the other, everything came together faster than I thought it would, mainly because of the people who have always liked what I did and supported me throughout the years.

I always believe in encouraging people and watching them rise in their career-paths to, eventually, become someone they wish to be. All my posts on Instagram and basically everything that I post on social media, has always been very positive and encouraging to others. So when I decided to come up with a magazine, I was blessed to have the support of a lot of people who motivated me to create something new and grow as a brand.

Last but not the least, I have my “partner-in-crime”, my Editor, Debarati Mohanta, from New York. She has been truly amazing in every aspect and she is a huge supporter of the movement of MFM. I am, indeed, very blessed to have her on board with me on this new venture.

CS: Fashion will always be an ongoing and developing craze - for us living in the islands, people have not caught on to it as much as it has internationally, could you send give us some advice or insight on what it takes to get as far as you have in the industry?  What would you like to see from models and designers in your industry and line of work?

AM: You’re all doing a phenomenal job marketing and advertising your company out there in Guam. Together, you have achieved so much success through hardwork and dedication.

Building your brand is such a huge part of any developing company. Some other crucial steps, I guess, would be posting every day on Instagram, marketing yourself in a productive and positive way on other social media platforms as well, taking measures to generate traffic to your website and connecting and collaborating with people who can bring positive exposure to your brand.

I think you have already done a fabulous job in creating an amazing Swimwear line from Guam. You are already progressing in the right direction. Never give up, stay true to your brand, continue to evolve every day and let the world know who you are! That is all I can say.

I think models in our industry should follow their dreams, be confident and have a good self-esteem. They should never let anyone tell them otherwise. The top Models in the world were once told they didn’t have the face for fashion but it didn’t bring their determination down.

What i’d like to say to any aspiring models out there, to have faith in themselves and work extremely hard to get what they want in this industry. And as I always tell my editor, Debarati, that there's nothing you can't do with hard work, dedication and persistence whether you are working on yourself and your career or towards developing a brand and building an empire.

For designers, I would like to see them give a broader variety of ethnicities a fighting chance in the fashion world. I would love to see more ethnic girls on the runways and on the covers of magazines, representing different cultures and bringing them all together. Because we all love fashion and I think everyone should get a fair chance to express that.

CS: Would you ever want to visit Guam?

AM: I would love to visit Guam! The scenic beauty of Guam is absolutely gorgeous! It is something that we don't have access to in the city. To do an editorial out there would be phenomenal!

CS: Tell us something you enjoyed the most in working with Chamorrita Swimwear.

AM: I really enjoyed working with your company. People at Chamorrita Swimwear are tremendously sweet, hard working and destined to achieve more success in the future.

When I took a close look at your Swimwear, I noticed all the intricate details, designs and patterns that you had incorporated in your Swimwear and I loved it!

I would definitely love to collaborate with your company again and publish your amazing Swimwear in McGlory Fashion Magazine.

CS: Lastly, is there anything you would like to include or say...anything at all!

AM: I just want to say that it was a pleasure collaborating with Chamorrita Swimwear.

MFM wishes you all the very best on your journey towards creating and developing your international swimsuit line.

Thank you so much for the interview and we hope to collaborate with your company again in the future.


 About Joan Awa

Joan Awa was raised on the beautiful island of Guåhan and has remained a resident since. With no thoughts of leaving, she continues to pursue her writing within the island. She currently writes for local publications such as Uno Magazine and is working on several literary works of her own. She is a huge fan of local artisans, businesses and their products, including Chamorrita Swimwear, which she loves to blog for!


Catching Waves - Chamorrita Swimwear on Bodybuilding Athletes Alyssa Gumabon and Desiree Reel

by Joan Awa

Tonight at the Leo Palace Resort in Manenggon Hills, Yona, the 2015 Michelob Ultra Guam National Bodybuilding & Bodyfitness competition will take place.  The women and men who are competing in tonight’s event have all mentally, physically and emotionally prepared themselves for over year in relentless training.  Competitors from all over the Pacific including Japan will either compete for the first time, redeem themselves to win a title or to place in this show stopping competition.  

For those who are unfamiliar to the sport, it is more than undergoing a strict diet, mental preparation and rigorous training to sculpt their bodies to perfection - our local competitors had  to find time around their busy schedules of being a mother & wife like Desiree Reel and nursing student like Alyssa Gumabon.  Chamorrita Swimwear was a proud sponsor for both women in last year’s competition and were elegantly stunning and strong during their performance on stage.  

Alyssa has modeled for Chamorrita Swimwear’s website and has been featured in Uno Magazine’s 2014 swimsuit issue and is a familiar face to her age group’s social circle.  A young aspiring nurse with a sweet persona and charming smile you wouldn’t think she had an interest in bodybuilding. She was a shocker on stage as she was in showing an interest in competing; Alyssa won 1st place in National and 2nd place in International Overall.  Although Alyssa is not competing this year, Desiree will return to the stage in November to compete nationally in Florida just after dominating the 2015 Ikaika Bodybuilding Championships in Hawaii on June 27th.  Desiree is a veteran to the sport, with over a decade’s worth of experience in training and competitions.  A mother of four, she is an inspiration to women all over the island - she exemplifies determination and perseverance while still fulfilling her role as the matriarch of her household.  Although we aren’t sponsoring either women in this year’s competition, our support continues as they take on their personal journeys to success.


Desiree Reel - Guam Figure Athlete - Guam National Bodybuilding




 About Joan Awa

Joan Awa was raised on the beautiful island of Guåhan and has remained a resident since. With no thoughts of leaving, she continues to pursue her writing within the island. She currently writes for local publications such as Uno Magazine and is working on several literary works of her own. She is a huge fan of local artisans, businesses and their products, including Chamorrita Swimwear, which she loves to blog for!

Catching Waves: Chamorrita Swimwear Feature in C’est Moi Magazine’s Swimsuit Issue

by Joan Awa


Chamorrita Swimwear has been surfing huge waves all summer long, all the way to the internationally known, C’est Moi Magazine. The editorial is known for ‘celebrating and glorifying the love of fashion, beauty, music, art and culture’, which sums up everything that our brand supports on a local scale. Our homegrown chamorritas, talented photographers and gifted traditional craftsmen are leaving footprints in the sand - not even the strongest tides could wash them away.  


C’est Moi Magazine’s swimsuit edition highlights our latest and greatest collections and collaborations showcasing the island’s most esteemed and skilled talent.


Sarah Earl Kellies, wearing the sexy and sleek Fu’A Neoprene in Espresso is pictured holding the savory niyok, which reminds us the beauty of having an abundance of our natural resources. The niyok provides meat to be eaten, water to quench thirst and the shells are multi-purpose; making it versatile and practical, just like our bikinis. Photographer Lewis Santos, from Frozen Moments captures the perfect ‘moment’ of Sarah’s head turned to face the ocean at Ritidian Beach, also a Guam National Wildlife Refuge, which protects and preserves the endangered plants and animals of the island.  


A familiar face to Guam and Hawaii’s modeling industry, the sultry Victoria Espaldon, wears the Fu'A Coco shot by the infamous, Guam-bred and Hawaii resident photographer, Musashi671. Victoria, better known as ‘Tori’, has made a name for herself in a short amount of time. Almost an overnight sensation, her Instagram account boasts an estimated total of 12,800 followers, making her one of, if not, the most popular resident model of Guam.  


Fellow Frenchman to the father of the bikini, photographer Pierre Bernut of New Caledonia, from the French Pacific Islands shows off his skills caputuring model, Tumata in the Neon Fu'a Sport. Bernut’s style is very unique, exhibiting his individuality with a different perspective, by adding a French twist!  


Hailing from the village of Merizo, the bonita Carmela Tyquiengco, is pictured fluffing her talaya, an ancient Chamorro fishing net. Carmela has done professional work for both islands she was raised in. She’s landed front covers for local publications on Guam, has walked the runway in Miami Fashion Week under her agency, Larson Talent in Hawaii and continues to make the island proud with opportunities that has come her way. She is pictured wearing Talo’fo’fo Pixie Dust Pink Print by Manny Rona, who is known to be one of the ‘top’ and sought after photographers in the island.


New mommy and model Leandra Vasquez in the Coco Fu'A Yolo photographed by Joe Cruz of FStop Guam Photography relaxes on the Ulitao Sakman, a traditional canoe built by Ron Acfalle. Ron continues to pursue awareness in the preservation of the Chamorro culture through his crafts, and knowledge of traditional dance, song and chanting which he showcases in the Lina’la Cultural Park to locals and tourists. The infamous landmark of Two Lover's Point is pictured in the background; named after the legend of two young lovers who were forbidden to be together but found no reason to be apart.



For copies of SWIMSUIT:
C’est Moi Magazine Team.
"glorifies the love of fashion, beauty, music, and culture"


 About Joan Awa

Joan Awa was raised on the beautiful island of Guåhan and has remained a resident since. With no thoughts of leaving, she continues to pursue her writing within the island. She currently writes for local publications such as Uno Magazine and is working on several literary works of her own. She is a huge fan of local artisans, businesses and their products, including Chamorrita Swimwear, which she loves to blog for!

Chamorritas on Runway – August 22nd, 2015 Fashion Show at The Cove & Men’s Collection Launch

by Joan Awa


The Summer of Sounds Music Series hosted by one of Guam’s top radio station’s i94, presents the 1st annual Budweiser ‘Made in Guam Music Festival’ at The Cove.  


For months, Current Guam teamed up with i94 hosting a series of events leading up to the ultimate flyaway giveaway - two round-trip tickets to watch the hottest acts: Beyoncé, the Weekend, J. Cole, Nick Jonas and more. The partying all summer long came to an end with the grand finale on August 22nd at The Cove in Tamuning, a beach bar that’s the perfect hidden getaway to escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind.


After the success of the Neon Collection’s launch at the Gecko, Chamorrita Swimwear was asked to do an encore at the event, but this time we added something for the ladies…and we did it the chamorrita style. Local jewelry designer Dayanara Calma’s brand Vida Local provided the handmade shell pieces and body chains draped on the models. Her creations are available at the Chamorro Village every Wednesdays and are available online at Fresh threads and gear from vendors such as Opake and Crowns were on the premises along with of course nothing less than our favorites foods by Mosa's and Poky Fries.


Bringing back the talented grafitti artists, Lee San Nicolas and Saipan born 'Marianas Monster' Tim Sois of Opake, the two joined forces to paint eye-catching portraits on our sexy and sweet models. Both artists have heritage from the islands which give them the knowledge and posses the skills to interpret their ancestor’s artwork into the form of contemporary illustrations.


But that’s not all; we had some eye-candy to share with the ladies as well. For quite some time, men have been asking if we had anything for them. We took their requests and created a little something, boardshorts and a few t-shirts. And what better way to showcase this new Men's Collection launch than hiring male models with washboard abs to sport the new line and wow the crowd.


Chamorrita Swimwear has been known for incorporating cultural dancers and fire shows, but this was the first time we were featuring a Chamorro dance group that is officially recognized under the legislature of Guam, Guma Fuetsan CHamoru-ta. What’s unique about this 32-member group is everyone is under the age of 25. The group’s mission is to embrace Chamorro culture and art through songs, dance and chants performing at a variety of venues for different occasions. If you’re an avid night market goer, you might have seen them at the Chamorro village where they usually perform once or twice a month.


For Chamorrita Swimwear, we think it is really important for the young generation to grow, not just to keep the culture alive but to also embrace the new and to live it everyday. Combining a fashion show for a modern product like Chamorrita Swimwear with cultural dancing is incorporating today's culture with its roots and making it come alive. When the brand met Patrick Camacho, owner and choreographer of the dance group, Guma Fuetsan CHamoru-ta, he made us conclude that the young generation can embrace that and is actually looking forward to it.


If you have any interests in becoming part of the dance group, you can join their practices at the Astumbo Community Center in Dededo. The group will be having their 3rd year anniversary recital in October.


 About Joan Awa

Joan Awa was raised on the beautiful island of Guåhan and has remained a resident since. With no thoughts of leaving, she continues to pursue her writing within the island. She currently writes for local publications such as Uno Magazine and is working on several literary works of her own. She is a huge fan of local artisans, businesses and their products, including Chamorrita Swimwear, which she loves to blog for!

Chamorritas on Runway - August 1, 2015 Chamorrita Swimwear Fashion Show at The Gecko, Reef Hotel, GUam

by Joan Awa

To kick off the summer, Current Guam partners up with local radio station i94 in a series of events with live music, entertainment, food vendors and local artists, crafts and fashion shows in collaboration with Chamorrita Swimwear.  The second installment to a three part fashion event, Chamorrita Swimwear launches our anticipated 2015 Neon Collection at Guam Reef Hotel’s, Gecko.  The poolside bar, club and restaurant features a stunning view of the ocean and the ultimate spot to spectate for a sunset.  

As darkness fell and the beat dropped, our models illuminated the floor striding through and sashaying around with our brightest collection of bikinis yet.  Our luminous bob-cut bubble blowin’ babes (say that three times fast!) were all brighter than the sun as they bounced back and forth to Christina Aguilera’s ‘Candyman’ while prancing on the runway with lollipops in hand.  The models were covered in glowing bodypaint by artists, Lee San Nicolas and Tim Sois of Opake.  To complete their ultimate neon ensemble, makeup artists Roni Danielle Rosario, Danay Apilado and Selina Fernando worked their magic to get the girls glowing in the dark.  


 About Joan Awa

Joan Awa was raised on the beautiful island of Guåhan and has remained a resident since. With no thoughts of leaving, she continues to pursue her writing within the island. She currently writes for local publications such as Uno Magazine and is working on several literary works of her own. She is a huge fan of local artisans, businesses and their products, including Chamorrita Swimwear, which she loves to blog for!


Chamorritas on Runway - June 14, 2015 Chamorrita Swimwear Fashion Show at The Beach

by Joan Awa


Our summers in Guam couldn’t get anymore steamier than a series of events hosted by the hottest local radio station on island, i94 teaming up with Current Guam in bringing the latest and greatest musical experience.  The duo partnered with Budweiser for the ultimate flyaway giveaway, all expense paid tickets to watch today’s trending acts in the ‘Made in America’ Music Festival in Philadelphia.  With all this heat, they needed a few things to cool it down - refreshing performances from new live local acts like Pop Rocks & Soda, and of course, to bring the heat down with a splash - Chamorrita Swimwear raising the tides.  


With an opening act of cultural dancers led by Clint Agustin, the crowd was captivated by the beating of the drums, swaying of the hips and the fire blazing in the air. Channeling the pride and confidence of the ancient Chamorros, the models were covered in white body paint resembling artwork from the pasts with a modern-day twist painted by graffiti artists Lee San Nicolas for a warrior look. Capturing the show with his talent in photography and for always being in the scene of the nightlife for many years is photographer, Allan from @hitdaspot_hotshots.   


 About Joan Awa

Joan Awa was raised on the beautiful island of Guåhan and has remained a resident since. With no thoughts of leaving, she continues to pursue her writing within the island. She currently writes for local publications such as Uno Magazine and is working on several literary works of her own. She is a huge fan of local artisans, businesses and their products, including Chamorrita Swimwear, which she loves to blog for!

Brogan "Killer Bee" Walker, MMA Fighter, wears Chamorrita Swimwear to weigh-in for Pacific Xtreme Combat PXC45 on Guam

Brogan "Killer Bee" Walker, MMA Fighter, weighed-in today for her upcoming PXC fight October 24, 2014 in the Chamorrita Swimwear Neon Black FU'A Sport.

When Guam's Brogan Walker and Korea's YooJin Jung enter the Pacific Xtreme Combat cage in PXC 45 on Oct. 24, it will mark the eighth women's fight since the organization began including female fighters in early 2013.

I’ve been training for 11 years and have never quit,” said Walker on where her muay thai career started.

Brogan has since then competed and won medals in both the Marianas Open and Copa de Marianas. She has become a fan favorite on island in her short time and she is grateful.

Brogan has lived on Guam for the past two years after deciding to relocate from Southern California with boyfriend, and brown belt jiu-jitsu specialist, Mike Sanchez when the opportunity presented itself. What Walker didn’t anticipate was being a catalyst for muay thai given the small community that exists on Guam.

Right now, Walker teaches muay thai at the Chalan Pago community center every Tuesday and Thursday out of the Elite Muay Thai gym and has a large group of youths. She is a teacher by nature so the opportunity to teach students who were willing to learn was exciting for her.

Catching Waves - The Fu'A Bikini at Miss Earth's Creation Performance

by Joan Awa 

Catching Waves – The Fu’a is Unstoppable

2012 Miss Earth Guam Sarah Filush wears the Fu’a during a performance on pageant day in search of the new 2014 Miss Earth Guam. Sarah and Fu’a resurface on a recent blog, No Rest for the Awake, Minagahet Chamorro earlier this year.

On September 17th, 2014 the crowning of the new Miss Earth Guam took place at the Sheraton Laguna. Chamorrita Swimwear was chosen as a sponsor to the ladies’ official swimsuit runway presentation and photos taken by none other than the talented photographer, Manny Rona. The night of the pageant, a special and watery-eyed performance by former 2012 Miss Earth Guam Sarah Filush chose to wear our Fu'a Coco during her re-enactment of Guam’s creation story. Alongside her very supportive boyfriend, MMA fighter, Frank ‘The Crank’ Camacho, the dynamic duo brought tears to our eyes as they danced and portrayed the brother and sister who created Guam and its people. Just like the creation story of firsts, the Fu’a is Chamorrita Swimwear’s first design, making the performance much more meaningful and memorable just like the iconic piece. 

The creation story of Guam has been passed down through oral tradition and remains a living and breathing legend; that is why several versions exist today. A common theme to the variants is the brother and sister, Puntan and Fu’una being the ultimate ancestor of the Chamorro people. According to the legend, the siblings wanted to use their powers for a purpose, by creating a place of existence and the people who will dwell in it. As instructed by her brother, Fu’una dissected parts of his body and created the sun and moon with his eyes, the rainbow from his eyebrows and the earth from his back. When she finished her creations, she thrusted her body onto the earth, which created Fouha Rock, life had sprung from this point and people began to inhabit the earth.

Memories were created the night of the pageant and enough for those to reference the applauded performance of Sarah and our Fu’a as they resurface on the blog of Dr. Michael Lujan Bevacqua who is a professor at the University of Guam and is involved with numerous local organizations and programs. He dedicates his blog to, “…the use and revitalization of the Chamoru language and decolonization of Guam” and also to gain awareness in the teaching of the culture of the indigenous people of Guam and the rest of the islands in the Marianas. Dr. Bevacqua writes on his thoughts of the new program, We Are Guam, which pushes for diversifying Guam’s tourism and taking the experience out of Tumon. The vigorous village of Tumon has always been the go-to spot for shopping, relaxing, wining and dining but what vacationers don’t get to experience is Guam itself.

Dr. Bevacqua includes an article written earlier this year by PNC on the launch of the We Are Guam program, which Sarah is involved in with Guam Visitor’s Bureau. GVB, for short, promotes Guam as the ultimate destination spot for tourists in assisting them with their trip planning and experience. Sarah’s fresh outlook to tourism brings a different dynamic to the tourism industry; it takes a whole community to give an outsider the full-blown hospitality of the island. And the only way to do this is to encourage the youth in immersing themselves with their culture. For Sarah, it’s greeting everyone with a smile and one warm ‘Hafa Adai’ at a time; making her iconic, just like our Fu’a.


 About Joan Awa

Joan Awa was raised on the beautiful island of Guåhan and has remained a resident since. With no thoughts of leaving, she continues to pursue her writing within the island. She currently writes for local publications such as Uno Magazine and is working on several literary works of her own. She is a huge fan of local artisans, businesses and their products, including Chamorrita Swimwear, which she loves to blog for!


Meet the Talent: James Bamba – Traditional Weaver

by Joan Awa


Chamorrita Swimwear Features Traditional Weaver, James Bamba Accessories In Photo Shoots


Accessories have always been a necessity to complete a beach ready look - from bangles, body chains, a cute floral headband to a sexy bead wraparound on the arm, these little details are what make the beach-goer look like the ultimate chamorrita walking around our sandy shores.


When we were taking our photos for our site, not only did we have to find the most bonita girls to rock our island-style suits but we also made sure the suit and accessories on the girls are the perfect pair. Local artisan, James Bamba’s creations came hand in hand when we were piecing the looks together for the shoots.


James Bamba, one of Guam’s most gifted traditional weavers has used his skill that was passed on to him by his aunt and uncle since 1995. He creates masterpieces using one of the island’s abundant natural resources, pandanus. A native plant to the island of Guam, pandanus is fibrous and strong, making it the ideal plant for weaving. Leaves from the akgak, have been used by Guam’s ancestors thousands of years ago to create baskets for food and storage, decorations for ceremonies and also body ornamentation like flowers, headbands and belts. James’ talent also extends to carving, recreating small-scaled replicas of traditional artifacts. His knowledge of the skills his ancestors possessed has moved him to educate the youth in preserving a trade that was once shared by many. His work and products are showcased and readily available for purchase at the Sågan Kotturan CHamoru Cultural Center in Tamuning. James continues to take effect online, using social media to reach out to his fellow Guamanians in gaining awareness of weaving. Full details of his journey and his work can be found on his site, For those who are interested in re-connecting with the arts of their cultural pasts, James is the ultimate choice to gain that connection. He will educate you, guide you and demonstrate the traditional art of weaving and what it means to be an artisan of the Chamoru culture.


Photo: Myong Hong Prodigy Studios with Carmela Tyquiengco and James Bamba's Guagua'



Photo: Myong Hong Prodigy Studios with Carmela on James Bamba's Guafak



Photo: Manny Rona with Alyssa Gumabon and one of James' bracelets




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