Catching Waves: Chamorrita Swimwear Feature in C’est Moi Magazine’s Swimsuit Issue

28 August 2015

Catching Waves: Chamorrita Swimwear Feature in C’est Moi Magazine’s Swimsuit Issue

by Joan Awa


Chamorrita Swimwear has been surfing huge waves all summer long, all the way to the internationally known, C’est Moi Magazine. The editorial is known for ‘celebrating and glorifying the love of fashion, beauty, music, art and culture’, which sums up everything that our brand supports on a local scale. Our homegrown chamorritas, talented photographers and gifted traditional craftsmen are leaving footprints in the sand - not even the strongest tides could wash them away.  


C’est Moi Magazine’s swimsuit edition highlights our latest and greatest collections and collaborations showcasing the island’s most esteemed and skilled talent.


Sarah Earl Kellies, wearing the sexy and sleek Fu’A Neoprene in Espresso is pictured holding the savory niyok, which reminds us the beauty of having an abundance of our natural resources. The niyok provides meat to be eaten, water to quench thirst and the shells are multi-purpose; making it versatile and practical, just like our bikinis. Photographer Lewis Santos, from Frozen Moments captures the perfect ‘moment’ of Sarah’s head turned to face the ocean at Ritidian Beach, also a Guam National Wildlife Refuge, which protects and preserves the endangered plants and animals of the island.  


A familiar face to Guam and Hawaii’s modeling industry, the sultry Victoria Espaldon, wears the Fu'A Coco shot by the infamous, Guam-bred and Hawaii resident photographer, Musashi671. Victoria, better known as ‘Tori’, has made a name for herself in a short amount of time. Almost an overnight sensation, her Instagram account boasts an estimated total of 12,800 followers, making her one of, if not, the most popular resident model of Guam.  


Fellow Frenchman to the father of the bikini, photographer Pierre Bernut of New Caledonia, from the French Pacific Islands shows off his skills caputuring model, Tumata in the Neon Fu'a Sport. Bernut’s style is very unique, exhibiting his individuality with a different perspective, by adding a French twist!  


Hailing from the village of Merizo, the bonita Carmela Tyquiengco, is pictured fluffing her talaya, an ancient Chamorro fishing net. Carmela has done professional work for both islands she was raised in. She’s landed front covers for local publications on Guam, has walked the runway in Miami Fashion Week under her agency, Larson Talent in Hawaii and continues to make the island proud with opportunities that has come her way. She is pictured wearing Talo’fo’fo Pixie Dust Pink Print by Manny Rona, who is known to be one of the ‘top’ and sought after photographers in the island.


New mommy and model Leandra Vasquez in the Coco Fu'A Yolo photographed by Joe Cruz of FStop Guam Photography relaxes on the Ulitao Sakman, a traditional canoe built by Ron Acfalle. Ron continues to pursue awareness in the preservation of the Chamorro culture through his crafts, and knowledge of traditional dance, song and chanting which he showcases in the Lina’la Cultural Park to locals and tourists. The infamous landmark of Two Lover's Point is pictured in the background; named after the legend of two young lovers who were forbidden to be together but found no reason to be apart.



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 About Joan Awa

Joan Awa was raised on the beautiful island of Guåhan and has remained a resident since. With no thoughts of leaving, she continues to pursue her writing within the island. She currently writes for local publications such as Uno Magazine and is working on several literary works of her own. She is a huge fan of local artisans, businesses and their products, including Chamorrita Swimwear, which she loves to blog for!

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