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National Bikini Day... is today!

Created by a Frenchman, named after a nuclear test site, small enough to fit in a matchbox and too risqué to model, the bikini's launch was explosive!

Louis Réard, a former automotive engineer, was running his mother's lingerie shop in Paris when he designed the controversial garment.

Introduced to the world on July 5, 1946, just four days after the United States dropped an atomic bomb at Bikini Atoll, in Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean, the barely-there two-piece bathing costume took its name from that nuclear event.

Banned in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Australia, outlawed by the Miss World Beauty Pageant and condemned by the pope, the bikini was ahead of its time. It would take another two decades for the skimpy swimsuit to gain widespread acceptance among girls and women.

And today... cheekies are everywhere!


Guam Fitness Competitor and a cheeky or two in Hawaii...

Team Guam just landed on Hawaii, headed to the Ikaika Bodybuilding Championship on June 28, 2014 with 5 of the finest athletes to represent the best Guam has to offer in Bodybuilding and the many divisions of the sport like Physique, Figure and Bikini.

Chamorrita Swimwear has been fortunate to have MaryAnn Morrison sport the Hila'an Reversible 4-Way Top & Mata'pang Cheeky Sporty Bottom for her beach photoshoot in Hawaii to capture the moment with talented artist Musashi Flores of Musashi671 Photography.

MaryAnn is a Fitness Competitor in the Figure Division who has been competing since 98 and who qualified for Nationals at the Ikaika Bodybuilding Championships. Keep an eye on her as she plans to continue her training efforts with Tony Morrison Program to get her pro card.

The beauty of this shoot has been the collaboration with Musashi who was born and raised on Guam in the villages of Tamuning and Yona. Musashi used to swim and represented the island in the Micronesia Games, South Pacific Games, and Oceanic Games. He traveled extensively for the sport before joining the military and then, like many islanders ended up leaving Guam... physically that is, not in his heart. Check out his new passion for underwater photography on his Facebook page.

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Catching Waves: Uno Magazine Swimsuit Issue – June/July 2014

by Joan Awa


Chamorrita Swimwear gets featured for the first time on Guam’s Best, Uno Magazine


It's a scorching day at the Yigo Raceway and for the first time, Chamorrita Swimwear was asked to be featured in the island’s most renowned magazine, Uno. The blazing tracks was just one of the many locations our racy beauties had to endure at the photoshoots. And the heat wasn’t the only thing burning things up - the models were just as maipe’ on the scene in our latest collection.


For four years, Uno Magazine has been featuring the latest and greatest products, profiles and popular culture in Guam. Not to mention, anything and everything representing the island as well. A fresh twist in the local business, we were the ultimate choice for the annual summer issue – swimsuits are our specialty.  Nine models, six locations and over twenty different looks, sounds like the next issue of Sports Illustrated and, we made it happen. Once the summer issue was out, the project showed its purpose, the best magazine highlighting the current best bikini brand on Guam was the perfect mix and match! In case you missed it, you can peek into the pages of an online version available at


What is a bikini? A question that we’re always asked during an interview. And it’s a question we have perfected to answer when Uno asked us to explain. The name ‘bikini’ originated from the testing of the atomic bombs, which was the smallest particle then. Former automobile engineer turned fashion designer, Louis Réard paid homage to the bombings at the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands of Micronesia after erupting as controversy for being promoted as, “smaller than the world’s smallest bathing suit”. The Frenchman created the iconic statement piece in 1946 and was responsible for bringing the bikini back to the pacific area of Micronesia. Influenced by Réard, Chamorrita Swimwear has combined the designs of an Italian low cut and a flirty Brazilian fit for minimal coverage to accentuate the natural beauty of the female body. Every curve is enhanced and featured to look its finest, making it sexy and suitable for everyone. Like the explosions, our answer was not only a small lesson in history but also, we were making history – by becoming the first brand to create a small wonder with a big hit! And how small you may ask, Louis Réard couldn’t have said it any better, “a bikini is not a bikini unless it fits through a wedding ring.”


Our photoshoots with Uno usually ended with the orange sun sinking into the deep blue waters, telling us it’s time to say ‘adios’. At the end of the day, the models found it difficult to part with our bikinis and we’d like to think our bikinis couldn’t part with them as well. But it wasn’t the last time they will be seeing each other; it would be on the cover, like Sarah and full page spreads in the swimsuit issue for Lorna and Alyssa, whom we worked with for a few more projects to add on their portfolios. Chamorrita Swimwear has had several collaborations since then, not only with Uno but also with aspiring models and budding photographers who want to showcase their talent and work.





 About Joan Awa

Joan Awa was raised on the beautiful island of Guåhan and has remained a resident since. With no thoughts of leaving, she continues to pursue her writing within the island. She currently writes for local publications such as Uno Magazine and is working on several literary works of her own. She is a huge fan of local artisans, businesses and their products, including Chamorrita Swimwear, which she loves to blog for!